How to Join Cart Ripple

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How to save BIG MONEY on Prescription Drugs

I always choose natural herbs and supplements before trying any prescription, but for those of you who want to save on your prescription meds, this video shows how.
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Youngevity treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Joel Wallach, explains the need for different minerals and supplements that will treat the body and brain against such dreaded diseases as Parkinsons, ALS, MS and more. Watch the video HERE
Dr. Joel Wallach

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Collodial Silver Stops Kidney Infection

   To be completely honest, I would add maybe to the title of this post. About a week ago a very close relative of mine who at this time wants to remain nameless, developed a severe kidney infection. Unfortunately for Her, bladder and kidney infections are rather a common re occurring problem.(underlying medical issue?) Each time she would get the BIG PHARMA antibiotics for the infection and slowly get better. Not overnight but a gradual improvement. And each time after taking the prescribed antibiotics she would inevitable end up with a yeast infection because the prescribed antibiotic kill all bacteria, good and bad wiping out her immune system. More on this in a moment.

     OK so now she has been on the prescribed antibiotics for a day and a half with no improvement, High fever, flu like symptoms etc so my wife goes over to help out and I send along a batch of my colloidal and ionic silver made with the silverlungs generator. I instruct her to take two ounces of both types every hour alternating them from about noon to bedtime and re evaluate in the morning.

      You should know she is a BIG skeptic of my silver so I wasn't holding my breath to see if she would use it, especially since she already purchased expensive pharmacy drugs. But low and behold, the next morning she calls me at work, "What was in that stuff you gave me?" she asked. I went on to explain the difference between my ionic and colloidal silver and why I suggested the dosage I did. Well she felt so much better that she went to work! Now for full disclosure I don't know if it was my silver that did the trick or the prescribed antibiotics or a combination that worked, but since this is as close to in vivo testing I can do I'll take it.

     I will provide updates as needed On my site. Why did she heal so quickly? Will she still have a yeast infection? Will she use only my silver next time? In regards to killing bacteria, 99% of your GOOD gut bacteria is Anaerobic bacteria  that do not need oxygen to survive. The Bad bacteria is aerobic, they do need oxygen to live and this is one of the keys to colloidal silvers success. Colloidal silver attacks the enzyme that the bad bacteria use to create oxygen thus suffocating the bad while not harming the good. 
    "PLEASE remember I am not advocating giving up your doctor in fact for any serious ailment You should see a doctor. I just want to pass on alternatives to the traditional way of thinking."  beinki

Mario Cifaldi discusses' colloidal and ionic silver

NOTE: My generator produces an ionic silver(clear) which is in the brown bottles and is used topically, and for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I can make a true colloidal silver(golden), in the clear jars, which is taken orally and with a nebulizer.

Silver’s antibiotic properties have been known for thousands of years. The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. The Roman Empire stored wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years.
Colloidal Silver is natural and sold in most health food stores.(actually it is probably an ionic solution) It is formed by electrolysis where sub-microscopic nano sized silver ions which have lost one of their electrons become suspended in water and are slightly positively charged. These super tiny silver ions when consumed, breathed in or placed topically are attracted to the negatively charged bad bacteria AND virus’. It is important to note that the IONIC silver does not work well when consumed due to the salts in the stomach, this is why I provide a TRUE colloidal silver, which is formed from the ionic silver to make a larger particle size that is unaffected by the salts in the stomach. I strongly suggest you listen to the interview with Mario Cifaldi for more info.


Drake has been talking about the military’s effort to restore the Constitutional USA (not the United States, Inc.), to arrest bankers and politicians for illegal acts against the people, the use of clones to thwart matters, one of the many reasons behind 9/11, and how the Priory of Dracos has been behind this…READ MORE

MF Global Extended Stay Suites

The MF Global criminal take down and theft of customer accounts by globalist Jon Corzine will not go unpunished. Indictments have been handed down and arrests will be made and criminals taken to the Hague world court.

Free State of Missouri website

Several patriots in Missouri have formed their people's assembly in the re inhabited republic and have a new website Free State of Missouri People's Assembly. It contains information about the Dejure government as well as educational material, videos and links to other Sovereign sites.

Keiser Report 3 times a week on RT!

Congratulations to Max and Stacy. The Keiser Report will be aired three times a week on RT. Now you can watch Max Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!

V for Vendetta Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

Watch on youtube

Good evening America

I like many of you appreciate the comfort of the daily routine. And the security of the familiar. And the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke.

But in the spirit of fighting tyranny and oppression I am proposing a solution to end the criminal banking system. There are those of course that do not want us to speak. Even now marshal law is being put in place to silence the truth. But truth cannot be suppressed.

And the truth is, the to big to fail banks are in coersion with the treasury and corrupted congressman to steal the wealth of America. How did this happen, whos to blame? Some are more responsible then others and they will be held accountable. But then again if your looking for the guilty, you need only look in the mirror.

I know why you did it, easy credit, unsecured loans, cheap morgatages. I know your afraid now, but fear not as the solution is as clear as the nose on your face. Start buying physical silver and bring it home, put it in a safe, bury it in the garden, it really doesn’t matter as long as you can hold it.

You see the banks have a huge naked short position in silver and with every ounce of silver we remove from the system it costs them a hundred fold. As the price rises they will be forced to chase the price even higher and then default returning a constitutional money system back to the people. Let’s give the banksters a run for their money that they will never forget.